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Accessing Library Online Resources: Accessing Library Online Resources

Issues and solutions to problems with accessing online resources through the library

Accessing Online Resources

 To access  online resources, on or off campus, go to <<>> and click on 'STUDENTS' at the top right corner of the  screen. Then select 'Library'.

Alternatively, go to <<>>. See Fig. 1. 


[Fig. 1]


  Under 'Search Tools' on the left side, select

  Research Guides for help with research

  Find Databases to look for articles

  Find Journals to ... you guessed it ... find journals.  See Fig. 2. 

  For example, if you click on 'Find Journals', ,,,

[Fig. 2]


    ... you will be able to see if the library has the specific journal containing the article that you want.  See Fig. 3.
  Alternatively, you can also click on 'Find Databases' so you can search them to find articles.  See Fig. 4. 
[Fig. 3]                                                                          [Fig. 4]   
Another option for accessing the library's online resources is to use the main "Search" bar in the center of the page. When you have finished putting in your search terms, click the blue button with the magnifying glass or use "Enter" on your keyboard [Fig. 2; Fig. 5].

Once in the searchable catalog, you can select search limiters such as 'The Master's University' under Library'Peer-reviewed' under Content; and 'Article' or 'ebook' or 'Print book' under Format.

  When the search results are returned, make sure that the item says "Held by: The Master's University". If it is an e-resource, click "View online".  See Fig. 5.


[Fig. 5]


If you are off-campus, when you click "View online", a Sign-in window should appear.  See Fig. 6.  Use the same username/password you use to login to Self Service - last name, first and second initials and your password.  See Fig. 7.  This is to verify that you are a student, Faculty, or staff of The Master's University. However, TMU Alumni, Residents or Master's Seminary students do not have off campus remote access to TMU's online resources.  For more information on TMU usernames and passwords go to Understanding your TMU Password in this Research Guide.

 [Fig. 6]     [Fig. 7]


 If the item does not say "Held by: The Master's University" but instead reads "Database:" and there is no "View Online" option, then select the title of the desired item, scroll down to "Availability / Holdings" and select "Request Item". See Fig. 8.


[Fig. 8]


This will alert the library staff to utilize the national InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service, which enables us to request the item from another library on your behalf.  See Fig. 9

For more details concerning ILL go to the InterLibrary Loan Research Guide




                       [Fig. 9]


Last updated March, 2017.

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