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E334.1 The Short Story: Short Story Research

Find resources about short stories and their authors.

Literature Criticism Resources Online

Books on Literary Theory can be found in 801.95

or by searching the library catalog with these keywords:  literary theory

or by searching the library catalog with this subject search query:  su:literature theory

Handbooks on Literature can be found by searching the library catalog with these subject search queries: su:literature terminologysu:literary form terminology 


Search Strategies

TMU Powell Library Catalog

Search TMU Powell Library Catalog

Author Search

Use the name by which the author is most well known.  Search using the author field code (au:) within the Powell catalog search box above. 

For example: au:maugham; au:w w jacobs; au:saki

Biography Search

Use the author's name along with the term "biography" within the subject field (su:) to find biographies on an author within the Powell catalog. 

For example:  su:hemingway biography; su:james joyce biography; su:o henry biography

TIP 1: The more common the last name, the more of the name is needed.  For example names like "joyce" and "jacobs" are very common names.  To be sure you are getting the author of short stories, include the first name or initials by which s/he is known.

Works Search

To find critical material on a specific work, search the title of the work with the title field code (ti:) or the keyword field (kw=; use the equal sign instead of a colon to treat the title as a phrase) along with the term "criticism" in the subject field.

For example:  ti:youth medusa AND su:criticism; ti:dutch courage AND su:criticism; kw=twice told tales AND su:criticism.*

In some instances it may be necessary to include the author along with the title.  For example: au:london AND ti:love life AND su:criticism

TIP 2:  Using the keyword field will include "collections", "works of" and anthologies that otherwise might be missed because a keyword search searches not only the title field but also the table of contents.

*  AND must be in all caps for the search engine to recognize it as a Boolean command instead of the word "and".

Short Story Writing & Writers from the Powell Library