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INB372 International Business Marketing : Research Strategies

Article Database Search Strategies

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Search EBSCO's Business Source Ultimate

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Search ProQuest Research Library

>Search the name of your country with these keywords: country report; economy.  Limit the search to 2019-2022 for the most current information.

germany country report

france economy

Databases and more can be found from the library web sit by selecting "Find Databases".  For more details on using Find Databases, watch this short video tutorial: 

  Find Databases


Last updated February 2022.


Discovery Catalog Search Strategies

Use the the following to search for cultural, economic, financial, political & legal aspects of any country or people group.

To get information on the customs of a country or people group, simply use "customs" as a subject heading.   Add the name of the people group and/or the name of the country or region. For example:

su:ghegs customs

NOTE: "su:" is the field code that limits the search in the Discovery catalog to only the subject field; "ti:" limits the search to just the title field; "au:" limits the search to just the author field.

For information on the culture of a country or people group, use the term "ethnology" as either a subject or a keyword.  Add the name of the people group and/or the name of the country or region.  For example: 

su:arab ethnology

buganda ethnology

Every search can be further focused by using the Search Tools in the column on the left of the results list.  For example:

1.  Limit the Year from 2019 to 2022 for materials published during this period. 

2. Limit the Format to Books

3. Limit the Language to English 

4.  If you haven't planned ahead to make use of our Interlibrary Loan service, limit the Held by Library to The Master's University so you only get results that are available in or through the Powell Library.

Additional Subject Search Terms: look up your search terms in the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to retrieve variant terms, narrower terms and related terms for your topic.  For example the term "finance" retrieves a list of over 45 narrower terms.

Be sure to add the the name of the people group and/or the name of the country or region to each of your chosen Subject Terms. For example:

su:italy mondialisation

Here are some potential terms that can be used to find cultural, economic, financial, political & legal aspects of any country or people group (be sure to look them up in LCSH for additional related terminology):

Anthropology Cultural 

Business -- Law and legislation

Cabinet Officers

Commerce -- law and legislation

Commercial law

Cultural assimilation 

Dinning <su:korea* AND kw:dining>

Economic Aspects 

Economic Conditions


Ethnic identity 

Ethnic relations






Finance Ministers




Law -- interpretation and construction


Manners and Customs 


National characteristics 

Political Aspects


Politics and government

Popular culture

Social life and customs 

Social Science Emigration & Immigration

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