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ED402 Liberal Studies Capstone: Search Strategies

Find resources on various education-related aspects of another culture, the implications for teachers in California schools with a Biblical perspective

World Education Systems

World Education Encyclopedia

This country-by-country survey of educational systems provides detailed essays on the histories, legal foundations, and primary and secondary educational systems of 233 countries. This updated and expanded edition gives users up-to-date coverage of reorganized educational systems and high-interest topics such as technological advances.

Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Systems

This is a well crafted, timely book in response to the global (and selectively local) trends for a comprehensive and critically constructed perspective on tertiary education systems.  This book is a valuable contribution to knowledge on higher education and provides an international perspective on issues, challenges and dilemmas resulting from the rapid expansion of higher education. The volume is an excellent text that integrates theoretical and analytical studies as well as empirical regional studies. The book gives some insights on how different countries and regions have been responding to massification and accessing of higher education. It will appeal to researchers, graduate students and faculty in Higher or Post-Secondary Education as well as International and Comparative Education.

World Class Schools

In this book the authors have conducted extensive research and describe what makes a successful school and how this varies in different countries. The book follows the progress of a cohort of 7-year-old children through their schools over a two-year period. It covers schools in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, and Ireland and: *draw together what it is that the most and least effective schools do in each country *pinpoints what makes 'effective teaching' across the globe *analyses which effectiveness-producing school and teaching factors appear to be the same and which are context specific *discusses how educational policies can be used to generate World Class Schools and which new blends of practice can, or should be used The existing literature based upon the comparison of the educational achievements of different countries is inadequate. This unique study provides a rich picture of the processes of the education systems of different countries which will appeal to practitioners and policy makers.

Monitoring the Learning Outcomes of Education Systems

This book provides introductory information on ways of assessing the learning outcomes of education systems in more than 50 countries, most of them in the industrial world. It considers the nature, choice, and use of indicators and describes numerous approaches to assessing learning outcomes in selected industrial countries (the United States and the United Kingdom) and developing countries (Chile, Colombia, Mauritius, Namibia, and Thailand). The authors also review systems of comparative international assessment and debate whether developing countries should participate in them. The book contains boxes and tables; an appendix features a national assessment checklist.

Comparing Student Achievement

This book covers a variety of important topics related to international comparative assessment including: * History of international assessment, the factors contributing to its growth and the impacts of such growth * What it means to assess different domains * How information form international assessments has been used by policy makers in different countries * Technical considerations in analysing and using assessment data. Comparing Learning Outcomes brings together the collaborative research of professionals in 11 countries working on a project for the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), gathering cross-national, comparative information on education for use for governments.

Evidence-Based Education

This book presents significant results from around the globe in selected areas of research related to evidence-based education, especially in Hong Kong (SAR), New Zealand, China, Korea and America. Specifically, recent enthusiasm for 'evidence-based' practice in education has brought a new sense of development in the aspects of teaching and learning in primary and secondary schooling. This volume attempts to shed light on the proceedings of this development regarding hierarchical school system, school-based management, effective pedagogies, outdoor educational experience and teacher attitudes in these different areas.

Learning from Others

International comparisons of performance in which assessment outcomes were studied.  Contributors from all over the world  encouraged to promote an exploration of : - the theoretical foundations of international comparative studies of student performance; - the practical problems of carrying out such studies; - the appropriateness of the assessment models and approaches used in international comparisons; - the role of international comparative studies in raising standards of student performance; - and how international studies affect the shaping of national policy on education.

Search Strategies

TMU Powell Library Catalog

Search TMU Powell Library Catalog

Use the Powell Library catalog search box above or go wo

School System

For resources discussing educational systems worldwide, search these keywords:

world education systems

For cross cultural resources add "cross cultural studies" to any topic.  Like this:

>su:educational indicators cross cultural studies

>su:educational evaluation cross cultural studies

>su:academic achievement evaluation cross cultural studies

For more details on finding information on a culture, country or people group use the page above entitled "Cultures & Countries"  

For additional School System topics try these:


>su:educational tests and measurements

>su:grading and marking

>su:education standards

>su:achievement tests

su:educational accountability

>su:class size

>su:teaching methodology

Interpersonal Relationships

>su:interpersonal relationships education

>su:interpersonal conflict

>su:parent-teacher relationships

>su:teacher-student relationships

>su:education social aspects

Group vs Individual

>su:group work in education

Nonverbal Communication

>su:nonverbal communication education

Communication Style

>su:oral communication

>su:verbal communication

>su:verbal ability

Cultural Themes

>su:cultural intelligence

>su:cultural awareness

>su:intercultural communication

>su:christianity and culture

For a Biblical perspective on any topic add "biblical" to the subject search.  Like this

>su:education biblical

>su:teaching biblical

>interpersonal relationships biblical

For a Christian perspective on any topic add "christianity" to the subject search.  Like this:

>su:interpersonal conflict christianity

>su:intercultural communication christianity


Last updated July, 2018.

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