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Discovery Catalog: Search the Library Catalog

How to find resources using the Robert L. Powell Library Discovery Catalog

Discovery Catalog Tutorials

 Introduction to Discovery: Cite, Save, Share
         Learn how to use the cite, link, email and save features of the Discovery catalog.

 Introduction to Discovery: Course Reserves, Resources, Chat
         An overview of the Course Reserves, Resources links and Chat with a Librarian features of the Discovery Catalog.

  Introduction to Discovery: Simple Search
          Learn how to conduct a Simple Search in the Discovery Catalog.

 Basic Research Skills
         Learn basic research skills using the Discovery Catalog

 Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
         Learn how to find and use Library of Congress Subject Headings for a more efficient and effective search.


Last updated May 2023.

Search Discovery: Find Books, Articles and more ...

Go to the TMU Library Web site:, go to, select the search icon (top right)  then select "Current Students" or "Faculty & Staff", then select 'Library'

Use distinctive key terms or core phrases in the "Search" box and Enter.

For example use <sovereignty god>; not <the sovereignty of god> or use <"sovereignty of god">; not <"the sovereignty of god">. The quotation marks tell the search engine to treat the terms as a phrase.

Optionally, consider using these index codes to focus your search:

ti: to search just the Title field

au: to search just the Author field

su: to search just the Subject field

In addition to the Basic Search is the Advanced Search option.  Select the "search" icon on the basic search line, then select "Advanced Search" from the banner at the top (left)

The Advanced Search page provides options for selecting additional index fields, Boolean operations and refining options, all of which can be used to set up a focused search query. 

Once the results page has been acquired, the search query can be manipulated with the main "Search" bar at the top center of the results page.

Also from the results page, you can focus your results with a variety of Refining Filters (left column). For example use Content Type to limit to only 'Peer-reviewed' articles; or use Material Type to limit to just eBooks.  You can also limit the results to a specific Year of Publication, Author, Academic Discipline and Language. 
When the search results are returned, those records that read: "Available: The Master's University" are available to the TMU community.  Hardcopy books (physically in the library) will include the Call number of the book under "The Master's University, Powell Library.  Books available electronically will include a linked box "View eBook" beneath the image of the book.


Last updated January 2023..

Access eBooks and Full-text Articles

To access the eResources the library provides, select the blue "View eBook" or "Access Online" button associated with the desired item.

When off campus, you will be prompted for your Master's University Login credentials.  These are the same ones you use to access Self Service and Canvas.


Problems accessing eResources?

If for any reason you are unable to access the online resource, take these three steps:

First, be sure you are using your TMU credentials [TMU email address and password used to access Canvas & Self Service]. 

Second, if you are still unable to access the online resources, contact Miss T. right away <>.  Please include a detailed description of the steps you took, the item(s) you are trying to access, as well as screen shots of the process, especially the error message. 

Third, while you're waiting for Miss T. to get back to you, you can try using the "Troubleshooting Access Issues" to find a possible resolution to the problem.  This guide can also be found on the library web site, under Research Guides --> Help with Research.


Last updated October 2021.

Additional Video Tutorials

Last updated July, 2021.

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