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World View Resources: Research Strategies

Instructions for finding world view resources. Includes a list of books, articles, journals and Web sites.

Find Worldview Resources

Biblical World View Resources

Go to  Search the Powell Library catalog for the items listed on the Research Guide.  For additional sources of information about a Christian world view. use this search query: kw:world view AND su:christianity philosophy; limit the Content type to Non-fiction.

Don’t use “biblical world view” or even “world view” as a Subject because these are not LC Subject Headings.  However, searching both as keywords will provide a good list of related titles.  You will pick up a few additional records by searching “worldview” as a single word, but more records will be retrieved by searching it as a phrase.  When you do find related records identify the subject headings associated with them. Select the title in the results list and then “Description”.  Search these for additional resources, i.e. Systematic Serendipity. Try some of these:

Apologetics  |  Bible Philosophy  |  Christian* Philosophy  |  Culture  |  Ideology Christianity  |  Christianity and culture  |  Christianity 20th century  |  Ethics  |  Christianity and the arts  |  Evangelicalism  |  Church and the world  |  Faith and reason  |  Knowledge, Theory of (Religion)  |  Philosophy and religion  |  Internationalism  |  Popular culture  

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH):

LC Subject Headings are a controlled vocabulary created by the Library of Congress and shared by most libraries in the United States and Internationally.  As a result, they are extremely valuable as a research tool for identifying similar resources on the same topic regardless of library or location.

Using the Powell Library Catalog, search your topic and add these LC Subject Headings:

*Use the field code <su:> to command the search engine to look for these terms only in the Subject Field.  Like this: su:apologetics; su:christianity and culture;

The following can be added to any major subject heading like those listed above to further focus your search:

su:forecasting; or –-su:forecast (better still truncate it like this: forecast* to retrieve forecast, forecasting, forecasted, forecasts) ^^

su:globalization ^^

su:mondialisation ^^ (See also mondialization as a keyword); (definition:  the increase of contact between countries, cultures, etc.)

su:religious aspects


su:social aspects


su:twenty-first century --forecasting

^^Try these also as keywords along with your main topic.

Databases and Indexes

To find articles and other kinds of research documents online indexing tools are best.  Be sure to read the “About”, Info icons, “Help” menus and scan the search screen for available limiting options and search functions to make your research efforts as efficient and as effective as possible.

To access all of the online research tools the TMC Powell Library provides for you, select Find Databases from the library main Web site.

If known, type the name of the database or index in the “Search for Databases” box (far right).  If a specific database is not known, use the Subject list (far left) identify appropriate databases and indexes related to a specific field of study or peruse all that are available with the A to Z list.  For example: selecting the subject “Biblical Studies” will give you a list of the indexes that provide citations, abstracts and/or full-text to articles related to the field of bible, religion, theology, etc.


Last updated April, 2020.

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