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Finding Anthologies: Finding Anthologies

Instructions on how to find anthologies on any topic

Finding Anthologies

Finding Anthologies

Anthology: a book made up of a collection of choice works by various authors.  To find anthologies on a particular topic use the library catalog, search the term “anthology” along with the topic in question (Fig.1).  Limit the Resource Format to "Book" when the search results are retrieved; this will eliminate book reviews (Fig 2).

For example:  from the library Web site

1. Search with your topic and the word “anthology” (e.g. obesity anthology)

Fig. 1  

   Fig. 2  Limit Research Format to Book

Option 2. You could also use the field index codes to focus your search: su:obesity AND kw:anthology (Fig. 3).

   kw:  Keyword

   ti:  Title                               ti=  Title phrase

   su:  Subject                        su=  Subject phrase

   au:  Author                         au= Author phrase

AND is the Boolean operator meaning "both" or "all".  That is, all terms must be in the results.

In order for the computer to recognize AND as a Boolean operator it must be in all caps.

Fig. 3   

3a. Some edited or compiled works may qualify as anthologies although they may not use the term "anthology" in the title or anywhere else in the record. Therefore, you might find what you need by using “compiled” or “edited” instead of “anthology”.  Just keep in mind that not all compiled or edited works are necessarily anthologies (e.g. encyclopedias are edited but are not considered anthologies).

To find these 

a. use Advanced Search (Fig.4)

b. in the first search block, type “compiled OR edited” (OR must be in all caps (Boolean operator meaning either)); the Search Index must be Keyword

c. in the next search block, select the appropriate Search Index (keyword, title, subject), type your topic (e.g. “self driving vehicle”). TIP: Keyword usually works best.

  Fig. 4

d. After receiving the results list, limit the Resource Format to "Book" (eliminates book reviews).

e.  Select the title of a relevant record. Examine the Table of Contents.

       f. If each chapter is written by a different author, then the book by definition qualifies as an anthology. (Fig. 5)

Fig 5.  


Last updated January 2023.

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