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H334 20th Century Wars, Crises, & Resets: Home

Finding Resources for mini-research papers on WW I & II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

General Information

Topics can be of a diplomatic, biographical, religious, economic, or other nature, not necessarily strictly military.  

Use the Discovery Catalog to identify and save selected books and articles to use in your research papers.  Watch this short video to learn how:  Introduction to Discovery: Cite, Link, Email, Save.

Watch this short video for instructions on using the Discovery catalog to find resources: Introduction to Discovery: Simple Search.  Please NOTE: Because the Discovery catalog underwent a major upgrade after this video was created, the images are different.  However, the functionality is the same.


Last updated March 2022.

Find the best keywords

Search queries for each war: (simply copy and paste into the Discovery search box)  

su:world war 1914-1918

su:world war 1939-1945

su:korean war 1950-1953

su:vietnam war 1961-1975

Search queries for each war in relation to a specific country or people group: add the name of the country or people group.  Like this:

su:world war 1914-1918 united states

su:world war 1914-1918 mexicans

su:world war 1939-1945 great britain

su:world war 1939-1945 romani

su:korean war 1950-1953 france

su:korean war 1950-1953 irish

su:vietnam war 1961-1975 australia

su:vietnam war 1961-1975 filipino

Here are some suggested search terms to use in conjunction with each war.  Search each war as a phrase (put quotations marks around it) and add these terms:  impact, consequences, social conditions, social impact. Like this:

"world war I" impact

"world war II" consequences

"korean war" "social conditions"

"vietnam war" "social impact"

Search your focused topic as a keyword in conjunction with a subject search.  Like this:

su:"world war i" AND propaganda

su:"world war i" AND technology

su:"world war ii" AND women

su:world war ii AND internment

su:"korean war" AND medicine

su:"korean war" AND music

su:"vietnam war" AND movies

su:"vietnam war" AND moral* [the asterisk (*) is a truncation command instructing the search engine to look for records with the root word and every variation thereafter, as in "moral", "morals", "morality", "moralistic", etc.]


Last updated March 2022.

Suggested Resources

Here are some resources you can use to help you decide on a more focused topic related to WW I, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War.

Last updated March 2022.

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