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BC598 Theses Research: Recommended Authors, Books, Web Sites

Search strategies for finding resources for the Masters in Biblical Counseling Thesis.

Biblical & Christian Counseling Authors

Biblical Counselors

Authors whose writings have been known to support the field of Biblical Counseling.​​  For more Biblical Counseling authors see ACBC Resources by Author.

NOTE:  Always read thoughtfully and with discernment, balanced against the Word of God, regardless of the author's reputation:  no one is always right on everything; opinions change over time.

Jay Adams

Marshall Asher

Mary Asher

Ernie Baker

Brad Bigney

Jeffrey S. Black

Jerry Bridges

Ed Bulkley

Kevin Carson

Mike Cleveland

Brian Croft

Sandy Day

Craig Debinski

Pamela Debinski

Kevin DeYoung

Jim Elliff

Michael R. Emlet

Howard A. Eyrich

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Jeffrey Forrey

Richard Ganz

Rob Green

Brad Hambrick

John Henderson

Walter Henegar

Garrett Higbee

Jonathan Holmes

Robert D. Jones

Bob Kellemen

John Kruis

Heath Lambert

Tim Lane

Jeremy Lelek

Susan Lutz

Wayne Mack

Shannon McCoy

Patricia Miller

Jim Newheiser

Jim Owen

Lilly Park

Randy Patten

Martha Peace

James C. Petty

Jeremy Pierre

David Powlison

Pat Quinn

Deepak Reju

George C. Scipione

Stuart W. Scott

Mark Shaw

Robert D. Smith, MD

Thomas Szasz

Paul Tautges

Carol Trahan

Paul Tripp

Tedd Tripp

Steve Viars

Edward T.  Welch

Sam Williams

John Yenchko


Integrationists, Christian Psychologists, Transformationalists*

Authors who have been known to practice, support or otherwise have written concerning the issue of integration of psychology and Christianity:

Larry Burkett

Henry Cloud

Larry Crabb

James Dobson

Diane Langberg

Bill Maier

Mark McMinn

Paul Meier

Frank Minirth

Gary Moon

John Townsend

*For a general overview of these approaches to counseling see: Counseling and Christianity: Five Approaches. Edited by Stephen P. Greggo & Timothy A. Sisemore. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2012.

Last updated May 2018

Recommended Reading

**Highly recommended for inclusion in a counselor’s personal library.


Last updated May, 2018.

Counseling Web Sites


Last updated March 2022.

Minibooks, CCEF, New Growth Press, Help! Series

Select a topic to find the associated CCEF, New Growth Press and Shepherd Lifeline minibooks.  Selecting the booklet image or title will retrieve its related library catalog record.  Then use the Availability option to  "Request item through Interlibrary Loan".

Since the Robert L. Powell Library owns very few of the booklets identified above, most of them will need to be obtained either through the library's InterLibrary Loan Service (ILL) or purchased.  The latter will be the most efficient means of obtaining them as ILL takes seven to ten days, if they can be obtained at all.

To purchase your own copy (or get one to give to the library ;-) ) go to:  New Growth Press: MinibooksCCEF Minibooks; Shepherd Press Lifeline Minibooks, or Day One Publications.