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BC598 Theses Research: Find MABC Theses

Search strategies for finding resources for the Masters in Biblical Counseling Thesis.

Find MABC Theses with Discovery

Copy and paste this search query below into the TMU Robert L. Powell Library Discovery catalog to retrieve a list of the MABC theses:

"master of arts in biblical counseling" OR "mabc" OR "m.a.b.c."

After the results list is retrieved, limit the results to Theses/Dissertations and again to The Master's University (see example on the left).

Alternatively, use the "Completed MABC Theses" tab above for a list by Title, by Author, and by Topic.

More details

To find MABC Theses using the Powell Library catalog, search the topic either as a keyword (system default) or using the subject field.  The index tag for the subject field is "su:" (Figure 1) or "su=" if you are looking for a phrase (Figure 2).  For example you could search <su:abortion> to find records with "abortion" in the subject field.  Be sure to put the colon in immediately after the "su".  Or you could search <su=adoptive parents>.  For example:

Figure 1Figure 2

When you receive the results list, use the Search Tools from the column on the left to limit the results to just "The Master's University" and further limit the results by selecting Thesis/dissertation from the Book Format (Figure 3).

Figure 3


If you'd like to get a list of  all of the TMU theses in the Powell Library catalog, search for the place of publication (pl:santa clarita) and the publisher (pb:masters)  and the genre (ge:theses).  Like this (also shown above)

pl:santa clarita AND pb:masters AND ge:theses


Figure 4 

You'll pick up a few theses and dissertations that are from other institutions, but the majority of them will be the theses produced by The Master's University students.  You'll be able to discover which of them are actually produced by TMU by selecting a title, then select "Description" (Figure 5), then scroll down to the Dissertation field (Figure 6) of the bibliographic record. The Dissertation field indicates the degree and the institution from whence it came.

Figure 5 Figure 6


Last updated May, 2018

Using TREN

To find the MABC Theses produced by TMU graduates use TREN. TREN or Theological Research Exchange Network is a database of theological theses and dissertations.  Many of the TMU theses are contained in TREN and can be found by searching the School name: Master's College.  Here's how ...

First, go to Find Databases on the Powell Library Web site

Second, in the "Search for Databases" box on the far right, type in "tren"; select the link to TREN when it appears.

Third, to download free electronic documents*, select the link to edocs. To search the entire database use the Search box at the top right.  Remember only edocs can be obtained for free and then only by authorized TMU faculty, staff, and students.

Fourth, from the search edocs page, select "more search options" (top left). 

Fifth, select "Master's College" from the "School" drop down list and Search. 

You will retrieve a list of all of the Master's University theses available to download for free.*

Notice the green "Welcome" banner at the top of the page.  This will let you know that you are in the right place for downloading e-Docs for free.

Sixth, when you've identified the e-Doc(s) you wish to download, select "Add this Digital e-Doc to the Masters College and Seminary subscription" associated with the document. 

Finally, select "DOWNLOAD NOW".  Save it to whatever device or file you choose.  It's now yours to keep. 


* Only authorized TMU students, faculty and staff may download edocs for free. 


Last updated May, 2018.

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