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BC598 Theses Research: Research Strategies

Search strategies for finding resources for the Masters in Biblical Counseling Thesis.

Find Books and other Counseling Resources

Copy and paste the following search queries into the Discovery search box on the Powell Library web site.  Add to it a keyword for your selected counseling issue.   

su:counseling christianity

su:counseling biblical

su:"pastoral counseling"  (use quotation marks for phrases)

su:"pastoral care"

su:"peer counseling in the church"

"soul care"

> The use of the subject terms "christianity" and "biblical" can be added to any topic to find the Christian or Biblical view of that topic.

> To find case studies on any topic, add "case studies" to a subject search i.e., su:pastoral counseling case studies.

> The metadata code "su:" is a command instructing the Discovery search engine to look only in the Subject field of each record in the catalog.

Last updated October 2021.

Find Articles

To find articles related to a specific counseling issue search the Powell Library Discovery Catalog and search these Periodical indexes directly: ATLAReligion (ATLA), Christian Periodical Index (CPI), ProQuest Religion (PQR)

  • For secular articles relating to counseling or psychological issues, it's best to use the library Discovery Catalog. 
  • For a religious view of psychological or counseling issues, it's best to search ATLA, CPI and PQR directly. See below for instructions.

When searching the Discovery Catalog:

Search your topic along with the term "counseling" as keywords.  Don't search your terms as Subjects (su:) as many catalog records do not associate subject headings with articles.

When you get your results list, select "Peer reviewed" from the Content Type limiting option on the left.  

Alternatively, select "Articles" from the Format options. 

Search ATLA, CPI and PQR:

First, go to "Find Databases".  There are three ways to get to "Find Databases"  See instructions below.

Second, select the link to the needed database (See access option a. b. c. below).  

When off campus, you will be prompted for your Master's username/password.  This is the same one you use to access Canvas & Self Service.

Three ways to get to "Find Databases"

  1. Select "Find Databases" on the Library Web site  

  2. From the results page after a search, select "Resources" then "Find Databases" (top left)  

  3. Select "Advanced Search" on the Powell Library Web site, then select "Library Links" and then "Find Databases" (top right) 

Three ways to find the link in A-Z Databases:

a.  Select the appropriate letter, i.e. "C" for Christian Periodical Index" in the Alpha list

b.  Type the name of the database in the Search for Databases box (top right), 

c. Use the "All Subjects" drop down menu to select the appropriate field, i.e. Biblical Counseling.  

Last updated April 2022.

Find Like Minded Authors

1.  Use Sources to Find More Sources:

  1. Look at the bibliographies of the sources you know.  Many of the sources will be from authors who hold the same or similar views.
  2. Look in the Library catalog for books by an author you know; examine the records for co-authors or editors.
  3. If a known work is part of a series, search the catalog for the series title.  It may be that many, if not all the works in the same series, will reflect the same or similar viewpoint.  Search the Series Title either as a phrase like this: “living in a fallen world” or use the Series metadata code (se:) like this: se:living in a fallen world.

2Find an anthology related to biblical counseling like Scripture and Counseling: God's word for life in a broken world.  Each chapter is written by a different author, all of whom will probably qualify as like minded biblical counseling authors, at least at the time of the printing of the book (people do have a tendency to change their views).

3.  Search the Web sites of like minded organizations like the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, Biblical Counseling Coalition, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.  Their Staff, Board of Directors, etc. may have published, and of course look at their Resources for additional authors.

4.  Search Web sites of publishers of like minded resources like: New Growth Press, Day One Publications, and Shepherd Press.  Be sure to check their “About” page and take a cursory look at the other resources they publish-- they may not be exclusive to a particular idea.


Last updated May, 2018.

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