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Research Tips

Theses and Dissertations are very valuable resources for scholarly researchers.  Even if the thesis or dissertation does not exactly match your topic, it could prove very useful in furthering your research efforts.

Consider, the key to doing research is to "Use Sources to Find Sources".  Theses and Dissertations make excellent sources of information for finding more excellent sources of information.

Usually, the bibliography of a thesis or dissertation is extensive and will most often contain the better scholarly sources as well as primary sources.  As a scholarly researcher, you will want to identify theses and dissertations even if they only vaguely make mention of your topic.  Scan the bibliographies for potential sources of information that will give you more detailed information related to your topic. 

Thesis: What it is

Theses & Dissertations: Fee & Free

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Theses & Dissertations by TMU Faculty

Full-Time Faculty


Master's Thesis

Doctoral Dissertation

Anderson, Ross


Mammalian Cell Surface Glycolipids: Structure, Distribution and Biosynthesis. M.B.S.,  University of Colorado at Boulder, 1982.

Terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase : genetic, structural, and activity studies.  Ph.D. Biochemistry,  Baylor College of Medicine, 1993.

Baker, Ernie

Biblical Counseling

 M.Div. Capital Bible Seminary.  No thesis required

Preparing Your Heart for Marriage. D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary, 2003.

Beck, John

Communications Management

Comprehensive exam.  M.A. Communication Management, University of Southern California, 1994

In progress Ed.D. Organizational Change & Leadership, USC, extimated completion 2020.

Behle, Greg

Christian Education

A Research Study of Outward Bound with a View Towards Implications for Christian Education. Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1986.

Scholars from the Sod : The Social Origins and Backgrounds of Students at the University of Illinois, 1868-1894. Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1996.

Berry, Paul


A Coaching Aid tot the Fundamentals of Pitching. MA Men's Physical Education, CalState Long Beach, 1972


Blackwell, Claire

Mathematics, Music



BloomField, Ruta

Music, Harpsicord

M.M. in Musicology and Harpsichord Performance.  Northwestern University, Chicago, 1981.    No Thesis Required

Bernard De Bury's Premiere Livre di Pieces di Clavecin:  Critical Edition and Commentary. D.M.A.,  Claremont Graduate University, 2008

Bolen, Todd

Geograhy & Archaeology of Israel

The Reign of Jeroboam II: A Historical and Archaeological Interpretation. Th.M. The Master's Seminary, 2002.

The Aramean Oppression of Israel in the Reign of Jehu. Ph.D. Biblical Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2013.

Boyd, Steven

Biblical Hebrew


A Synchronic Analysis of the Medio-Passive-Reflexive in Biblical Hebrew.  Ph.D., The Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, 1993.

Brooks, Monte

Head Coach

Oral Exam; no thesis required.  M.A. Education Azusa Pacific

“The Effectiveness of Selected Teacher Training Institution in Promoting the Education and Professional Goals, Objectives, and Attitudes of Student-Teachers.” Ed.D. Northern Arizona University

Brown, Benjamin




Brown, Matthew

Education; English; Writing

Portfolio, no thesis required   M.A. Secondary Education CSUN, 2005


Button, Michael

Pure Mathematics

Qualifying exams

Representable, Non-Solvable Varieties of Lattice-Ordered Groups.  Ph.D. Mathematics,  Bowling Green State University, 1996. 

Carothers, Linn



The Association of the Social and Familial Environment with Adolescent and Young Adult Crime: A Longitudinal Perspective. Ph.D. University of Southern California, 1987

Chou, Abner

New Testament

Hermeneutical implications of Old Testament intertextuality on redemptive history.  M.Div., The Master's Seminary, 2005.;  The prophetic hermeneutic : hermeneutically defined, theologically displayed. Th.M., The Master's Seminary, 2007.

The Curse, the King, and the Cross : the Intertextual Impact of Deuteronomy 21:22-23 in Prophetic and Apostolic Hermeneutics. Th.D. The Master's Seminary, 2010.

Chua, Esther Joy Tan


Nov 6  M.A. Cal State Northridge


Dickson, Bob


Novella instead of a thesis. "The Spiritual War of Jorge O'Connor", 1996.   M.S. Northeastern Oklahoma State University

In progress-- Ed.D. Organizational Change and Leadership, USC Rossier Online, est. completion 2020.

Drai, Remi

Applied Mathematics; part of NASA's Rover prelaunch team

"Applications of Monge-Ampere Equations". M.A. Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, June 1993.

Commande Robuste de Structures Flixibles et Dissipativité. D.Sc., Mathématiques Appliquées, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, 1998

Eickemeyer, John


Nov. 6  M.S., UCLA

Visualizing p-flats in N-space using parallel coordinates. Ph.D. UCLA, 1991.

Englin, Dennis


Oral exam and research study on "The Resolubilization of Immunoglobulins in Hypertonic Solution"

A Model for Supporting Studies in Chemistry for the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Major. Ed.D., University of Southern California, 1976. 

Ennis, Patricia

Home Economics

Techniques and Materials for Individualizing Instruction in Home Economics. Part A, 1973.  Development and Evaluation of a Programmed Instruction Unit for Beginning Foods. Part B, 1974. MAE San Diego State University, 1974.

“The Effectiveness of Selected Teacher Training Institution in Promoting the Education and Professional Goals, Objectives, and Attitudes of Student-Teachers.”  Ed.D. Northern Arizona University, 1982.

Forehand, K. Ferrell


The Movies, 19027-1929:  From the Birth of Sound to the Death of Silence. MA Fine Arts, Texas Christian University, 1970.


Foreman, Benjamin

IBEX, Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible

M.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. No thesis required. 

"Who Teaches Us More than the Beasts of the Earth?":  Animal Metaphors and the People of Israel in the Book of Jeremiah.  Ph.D., The University of Aberdeen, 2009.

Forgerson, Michael

Taxes, Accounting, Law; Member CA State Bar

M.S. Cal State Northridge; M.Div., The Master's Seminary No thesis required.  

J.D. Southwestern University of Law

Francis, Joe



Flourescence Studies of Neutrophil Adherence Interactions withSubstrates and Target Particles. Ph.D., Wayne State University, 1988.

Frazer, Gregg

Political Studies

Comprehensive Exam

The Political Theology of the American Founding. Ph.D. Political Science, Claremont Graduate School, 2004.

Green, Matt




Greer, Clyde


M.S. History,  Radford University. No Thesis Requirement

The Quest for a Just Society, 1945-1981. DA, History,  Carnegie-Mellon University, 1982.

Gruss, Ed




Hallman, Cindy

Education; Arts

11/6/2017 M.A. LaVern University


Halstead, Tom

Biblical Studies

The Significance of the Signs in the Gospel of John. M.Div., New Ttestament Languages and Literature, Talbot Theological Seminary, 1977.

Nov 6 (Assessment) Nova Southeastern University Ft. Lauderdale FL 1994

Ham, Dwight

Business Management

A biblical perspective on learning contentment : an issue of the heart M.A. The Master's College, 2005; M.B.A. Pepperdine University

DBM in process George Fox University

Hild, Kurt


The Hermeneutics of John Milton.M.A. English. Cal State Northridge, 1983.

Development of a Strategy to Assess Critical Writing Abilities of Students Graduating from The Master's College With Plans for Implementation and Evaluation.  Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University, 1998.

Hill, Kevin

Business Administration

Comprehensive Exam,  M.A. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies,  Cal State Northridge, 1997;  M.B.A. UC, Irvine, 2000.

Evaluating Workplace Output of Full Time Employees Who Are Full Time Students.  Ph.D. Business Management,  Northcentral University, 2008.

Horner, Grant


No thesis requirement  M.A. University of Alabama

The Heresy of John Milton, Calvinist: Reforming the Puritan Poet With Historical Theology. Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 2017.

Hotchkiss, John


Melville's Quarrel with the Missionaries.  M.A. English Studies, Pepperdine University, 1970.

Honrary Ph.D. from TMS

Howe, George



Time Course of the Photosynthetic Induction Periods and Photsynthetic Rhythms in CertainHiogher Plants as Related to Changes in Degree of Stomatal Opening.  Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1959.

Hulet, Tricia

Theatre Arts

God’s Grace When the Womb is Empty. M.A. Biblical Counseling,  The Master’s College, 2013


Hutchison, Dennis

New Testament

"A Comparative Analysis of the Sermon Organization of Alexander Maclaren, G. Campbell Morgan and Harry A. Ironside". M.Div., Talbot School of Theology, 1971           "The Use of Ego Eimi in the Writings of John" Th.M., Talbot School of Theology, 1975.

"The Nature of Christ's Comings in Revelation 2-3" Th.D. Grace Theological Seminary, 1986.

Ingle, Matt

Genetic health, behavioral ecology, parasitology, phylogenetics and herpetology

No thesis -- M.S. Natural Science,  Loma Linda University

"Baylisascaris procyonis Prevalence and Impact in Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Populations" Ph.D. Biology, Loma Linda University, 2014

Jensen, Jeff


No thesis – Comprehensive Exams; M.A. History, CSU Long Beach, 1997


Jones, Kim

Opera Performance


Study and Comparison of Béla Bartók's BlueBeard's Castle and Three Operas Based on Works by Maurice Maeterlinck:  Pelléas et Mélisande, Ariane et Barbe-Bleue and Monna Vanna. DMA, University of Texas at Austin, 1990.

Jones, Taylor



Investigation of Orbital Interactions by Photoelectron Spectroscopy ad Moelcular Orbital Calculations. Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, 1975.

Keller, Joe

Biblical Counseling


"The Distinctives of Spiritual Development as The Master's College", D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary, 2014.

Kornoff, Michael


Frustrated Lewis Pairs. M.A. Chemistry, USC, 2010.


Kostjuk, Todd

CPA, Finance

M.B.A. Indiana University; CPA State of California

In progress: EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership, USC, anticipated completion 2020.

LaGeorge, Lisa

Global Outreach;

M.A., TEFL/ICS, Columbia International University No thesis required.

Short Term Missions at The Master’s College:  An Experiential Education.  Ph.D.,  Biola University, 2009.

Larsen, Dave

Sports Medicine

Concentric and Eccentric Isokinetic Torque Values in College Baseball Pitchers. M. A. Cal. State Long Beach, 1995


Larson, Julie



A Narrative Analysis of the Scopes Trial. Ph.D. Communication,  University of Southern California, 1995

Lawson, Lazella


Evidence for Simultaneous Seedling and Clonal Reproduction of Quaking Aspen (Populus Tremuloides Michx.) in Southeastern Arizona. M.S. Biological Sciences, Cal. State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 2008.


Mackey, Beth

Home Economics



Mackey II, RW


M.R.E., M.Div., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary  No thesis required.

A Description and Analysis of Change in a Small Christian Liberal Arts College Over a Two-year Period. Ed.D.,  Pepperdine University, 1988.

Mays, Kenneth Robert

Piano Performance

The Use of Hymn Tunes in the Works of Charles Ives. M.M., Indiana University, 1961.

Harmonic Style in the Madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi.Ph.D. Music, Indiana University, 1971.

McLain, Matt



Taphonomy of a Lance Formation (Maastrichtian, WY) Dinosaur Bonebed with a Focus on Tooth Traces. Ph.D.  Earth Sciences Loma Linda University, 2016.

McLaughlin, James

Education; Online Program



Milton, Constance



Making a Promise. Ph.D. Nursing, Loyola University, Chicago, 1998.

Morley, Brian

Philosophy; Photography

How Divine Predicates Can Convey Cognitive Meaning. ThM., Talbot, 1986

Swinburne's Inductive Argument for Theism. Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1991.

Morton, Jordan


no thesis requirement. 

Perceptions of Completers of a Four-Task Teaching Performance Assessment. Ph.D. Education, Walden University, 2016.

Opfer, Steve

Orchestra Conducting

 Looking for it 4/28/2017 M.M. Cal State Fullerton

A Survey of Attitudes of California University Band Conductors Toward a Synthesis of Music Disciplines Within the University Wind Band Redearsal. D.M.A. Music Education, University of Southern California, 1996.

Owen, Jim


Premillenial Dispensationalists and the Great Depression 1929-1939:  An Analysis of Their Political, Economic and Social Thought and Action. M.A. Humanities, Cal. Stat Univ. Dominguez Hills, 1979.


Plew, Paul

Choral Conducting

M.M. Pacific Lutheran University

4/28/2017Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University

Powell, Benjamin








Richardson, K




Rickard, Jim

Soccer Coach



Schlegel, Bill

IBEX, Hebrew Biblical Geography

M.A. Hebrew Language, Jerusalem University College


Simons, Carolyn "Woody"


H. L. Mencken:  Music from a Layman's Point of View.  MA Music, Baylor University, 1971.

The History of Mechanically Bowed Keyboard Instruments with a Description of Extant Examples.Ph.D. Music, University of Iowa, 1996.

Simons, Jack



Memoir: A life and Reading.  Ph.D. Bowling Green State University, 1999.

Skaar, Jonathan




Stead, John

Political Studies


The Roots of Democracy in Thomas Jefferson and Mao Tse-Tung. Ph.D. University of Southern California, 1977.

Stone, John


MLIS Cal State San Jose, 1998. comprehensive exam.


Street, John

Biblical Counseling

Ten Loci of Biblical Theology, M.Div.  Grand Rapid, 1982

Purifying the Heart of Sexual Idolatry. D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary

Suzuki, Joe

Postmodernism; Rhetoric

M.Div. Talbot Theological Seminary

4/28/2017 Ph.D. ABD University of Texas at Arlington

Tatlock, M




Tatlock, Lisa

Home Economics



Taylor, Janet

Home Economics



Tillman, Janet


MLS Florida State University, 1983. no thesis requirement. 


Toqe, Karen

Home Economics



Varner, Will

New Testament & Greek

To Preach or Not to Preach?: A Biblical Study of Women in the Church. M.A. Sacred Theology, Biblical School of Theology, 1976. [262.1082 V431t, 1976].

The Temple School of Theology and Protestant Theological Education in America, 1894-1969. EdD, Temple University, 1995.

Wong, Daniel

New Testament; Pastor Chinese Church

M.Div., Th.M., Talbot School of Theology

Ph.D. Dallas Theological Seminary

Wright, Nate

Physical Education

The Effects of Skill-Simulated Isokinetic Training on the Accuracy and Velocity of the Instep Drive Kick. MA. Physical Education, 1979