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H327 Latin American History: Search Techniques

Research resources and search techniques for information on Latin American History.

Books on Latin American History

Resources for Latin American Research

For Historical Information About A Country

Copy and paste the following search queries into the Discovery search box on the Powell Library Web site:

>su:latin america history  

>su:latin america 20th century

>su:latin america 21st century

"su:" tells the search engine to search in the Subject field for the following terms, in this instance "latin" AND "america" AND "20th" AND "century"

For specific countries in Latin America, use the same search query but replace "latin america" with the name of the country.

>su:chili 21st century

>su:venzuela history

>su:paraquay 20th century

NOTE:  Any book the Powell Library does not have can be obtained via InterLibrary Loan

For General Background Information on a Country

Use the World Factbook and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Use these Britannica Academic Research Tools as well:  "Compare Countries" and "The World Factbook

Also find encyclopedias and dictionaries on Latin America or an individual country with the Powell Library Catalog.  Use the following search query as a template identifying encyclopedias and dictionaries on a specific country:

>su:encyclopedias OR dictionaries AND su:latin america AND x0:book

When the results list is retrieved, consider further focusing the results with the Filters to the left, i.e. by Year of Publication, Academic Discipline,  Language, etc. See image below.

"xo:book" limits the search to books (hardcopy or softcopy) thus eliminating book reviews (articles) about encyclopedias. Alternatively, leave it out of the search query and use the Resource Format filter to the left of the results list to limit to just books, print books, eBook, etc.

Last updated January 2023.

Indexes, Databases, Open Accesss for Latin American History

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Last updated January 2023.

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Interlibrary Loan

If the Powell Library does have the books or articles that you need, we can get if for you through our InterLibrary Loan Service.  Requesting pages or chapters from a book will get you the material faster than a request for the whole book