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Access Library Resources: Access Electronic Resources

Discover how to Search the Library Catalog, Log On to access electronic resources (ebooks, articles, etc.) and Sign In to access your Library Patron Account.

Powell Library Databases and more ...

If you are attempting to access the Powell Library’s online resources, i.e., view ebooks, view full text articles, listen to audio books, access databases, etc., you need to use your TMU credentials, the same ones used to access Canvas & Self Service, which were given to you when you were admitted.

If you are attempting "Sign in" to access your library patron account, you will need your TMU People (aka System) ID number and whatever password you create. Your ID number can be found on Self Service: select My Profile then Account Information; all nine-digits are required, but do not use dashes or the "P".

 Find Databases (2:54)  Watch this short video tutorial for details on finding and accessing the Powell Library's online databases.

 Sign into your Library Patron Account (3:43) Video tutorial with instructions on how to create your own password so that you may access your Library Patron Account, Saved Items, Saved Lists, Saved Searches and authenticate your access to the Powell Library's InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Service

Last updated April 2024.

Log on with your Self Service id/ password

Accessing the Library's eResources:

To access the library's online resources, you must use your TMU credentials; the same credentials you use to access Self-Service and Canvas

About your Username/Password: 

After a prospective student is admitted, access is given to a portal containing the student's ID number, Username, email address and Initial Password (see Fig. 1 Student Account Information below). The username and password on this application portal will provide access to all of the campus network systems: Canvas: the campus's Learning Management System (LMS); Self-Service; Content Management; student Email account and PaperCut for Printing.  The username consists of your last name, initial of your first name and initial of your middle name.  For example, Kermit D. Frog's username is frogkd.   This username is used to create your email address, e.g., which is used to access the library's online resources along with the associated password.

NOTE:  The Student Username is NOT the same as the Student ID Number . The student ID number (minus the "P") is used to "Sign In" to your library patron account.  For details on creating a password to access your Library Patron Account, see "Sign in to My Account".

If you are having problems logging in to Canvas, Self Service, Content Management, or email, contact the IT Help Desk ( or visit the IT Services Web site.

If you have problems accessing the library's eResources, contact Miss T. <<>> 

Fig. 1 Student Account Information

Last updated October 2021..

Access eBooks and Full-text Articles

To access the eResources the library provides, select the blue "View eBook" or "Access Online" button associated with the desired item.

When off campus, you will be prompted for your Master's University Login credentials.  These are the same ones you use to access Self Service and Canvas.


Problems accessing eResources?

If for any reason you are unable to access the online resource, take these three steps:

First, be sure you are using your TMU credentials [TMU email address and password used to access Canvas & Self Service]. 

Second, if you are still unable to access the online resources, contact Miss T. right away <>.  Please include a detailed description of the steps you took, the item(s) you are trying to access, as well as screen shots of the process, especially the error message. 

Third, while you're waiting for Miss T. to get back to you, you can try using the "Troubleshooting Access Issues" to find a possible resolution to the problem.  This guide can also be found on the library web site, under Research Guides --> Help with Research.


Last updated October 2021.

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