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*The Robert L. Powell Library*: Borrowing Privileges

Discover who we are and what we can do for you at The Master's University, Robert L. Powell Library.

Borrowing Privileges

In order for an open-stack system to work smoothly and effectively each user must abide by the basic rules. Each person must be individually responsible to see that all library materials taken from the library are checked out properly, treated with care and returned on time.

Last updated September 2021.

While all are welcome to use materials in the library, only the patron groups indicated below may check out materials.

The Robert L. Powell Library recognizes the following patron groups: Students, ASAP, Faculty, Staff; Alumni, Seminary, and Residents.

Students includes the following groups:

1. TMU traditional undergraduate students

2. TMU Online Program students

3. TMU Graduate students (MABC, MABS, SIP, Teacher ed. credentialing)

4. Alternative Student Assistance Program (ASAP) dual enrollment high school students

Faculty includes full-time, part-time, adjunct, and visiting professors who have a current TMU teaching contract.

Staff includes full-time and part-time, employees of The Master's University.

Alumni: the Powell Library recognizes those who have officially graduated from The Master's University as "Alumni". Alumni have perpetual access to the Powell Library and may check out up to five items at a time.  TMU Alumni are exempt from paying the resident card fee. Alumni status will be verified through the alumni office and with another type of ID, such as a driver's license. Alumni do not have off-campus remote access to any of the Powell Library's eResources. Alumni who longer reside within reasonable driving distance of the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), please see Resources for Alumni.

Seminary: The Powell Library recognizes reciprocal patron privileges with students, faculty, and staff of The Master's Seminary Library (TMSL).  These TMS Library card holders who wish to check out materials from the Powell Library (up to 12 items at a time), may do so with their TMS ID card. However, they must register for a Powell Library account by completing a Patron Registration Form.  Seminary students who are also employed with TMU Campus Safety should use their TMS ID cards (not their TMU ID cards). 

The Powell Library does not provide Interlibrary Loan services for Seminary card holders; please use TMSL for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.

Residents must be 16 years or older and reside within reasonable driving distance of the Santa Clarita Valley.  There is a $10 non-refundable, annual fee to obtain a Resident Library Card. Resident applicants must sign the Resident Library Card Policy Agreement and the Patron Registration Form before a library card can be issued.  Resident card holders may check out up to five items and may use the in-house computers with a guest login (ask a Circulation Staff person).  However, resident card holders may not access the library's online resources remotely or utilize the interlibrary loan services. See the "Visitors" page for more information on Resident Card policies & procedures.

Walk-in Guests are welcome to use the library for research and study but are not permitted to check out materials or use interlibrary loan services.  See the "Visitors" page above for more information on Guest policies & procedures.


Last updated September 2021.

All items that are part of the main circulating collection, with the exception of reference books and periodicals, may be checked out when a valid Robert L. Powell Library ID card is presented at the circulation desk.

All non-reference books, nonfiction DVD's, nonfiction CD's, and audiobooks may be checked out for 21 days (three weeks).  Entertainment (Fiction) DVD's and CD's may be checked out for 7 days. All materials are due before closing on the date due.  Any day the library is closed is not counted toward the 21/7 days. The Head Librarian and Circulation Manager reserve the right to limit the number of items per subject each patron is permitted to check out as demand warrants.

Items with multiple pieces (such as DVDs or CDs) must have all pieces together when returned. If a piece is missing, the item cannot be checked in until all pieces are returned.  See Fines and Fees below for details on overdue charges.

Summer Break: Students who will be returning to campus the next fall semester and who do not reside locally, may petition the Circulation Manager to extend the due date of their materials over the summer break through the first day of fall classes.

Last updated September 2021.

TMU students, staff, and faculty have no limit on the number of items that may be checked out at one time. However, the library reserves the right to limit the number of items per subject each patron is permitted to check out as demand warrants.

TMS patrons and ASAP students may check out 12 items at a time. 

Alumni may check out five items at a time.

Resident card holders may check out five items at a time.

The library also reserves the right to deny any patron circulation privileges if s/he has developed a history of sustained abuse to library policy.

The following items may not be checked out:

  • Reference books (permission to check our Reference books may be granted upon request)
  • Bound and unbound periodicals

Last updated September 2021.

Reference resources and Periodicals are to be used only within the library facility.  These materials may not be checked out unless special permission is granted by the Library Director (John Stone) or the Reference Librarian (Miss T.).

Although Regular Reserve items may be checked out for a limited period of time, Strict Reserve items may not be checked out of the library at all.  For more details see the Course Reserves tab in this document.


Last updated September 2021.

A patron may renew checked item(s) twice, but only if there are no holds* or other requests on the item and it is not overdue at the time of renewal. After the maximum number of renewals is reached the material(s) must be returned so they may be used by others.

 Renewals may be made in several ways:

1. Online 24/7:

a.  Go to: <> 

b. Select "Sign in" (top right)

c.  Enter your TMU People ID number and the password you created.

If you have not already set your password for Sign in, select "Set/Reset Password" and follow instructions.  Alternatively use the instructions in the box to the right: Create Password to Activate "Sign in" or watch this short video tutorial:  Sign in to your Library Patron Account.

d.  Select "My Account"

e. Check the items you want to renew.  Be sure to make a note of the new due date. If no new date is given, then your items were unable to be renewed. Please contact the Circulation Manager for assistance: 661.362.2272;

f.  Online renewals must be made on or before the due date. Once an item becomes overdue it cannot be renewed. Overdue items must be brought back to the library.

2. By phone: call the Circulation Desk at (661)362-2278 or toll free at (800)568-6248.

3. In person:  bring the materials to the Circulation Desk.

*Go to the Library Services tab on this page for information about "Placing a Hold" on an item.


Last updated September 2023.

Main Collection Overdue Fine

1.  The Overdue materials fine is $0.25 per item, per day.  

a. This overdue fine applies only to the days the library is open.  Overdue fines will not be charged over days the library is closed.

b. This overdue fine applies only during the first three weeks the item is overdue.

c.  After four weeks, the item is considered lost and lost materials fees apply (see Lost Materials Fee below).

d. Overdue materials may not be renewed. See Renewing Items above for more details.

Reserve Materials Overdue Fine

2.  The overdue fine for reserve materials is $1.00 per item, per minute.

InterLibrary Loan Overdue Fine

3.  The overdue fine for interlibrary loan materials is $5.00 per item, per day.

a.  Overdue ILL materials reflect poorly on The Master's University and on our testimony before God.

b.  A reputation of overdue ILL materials will result in our suspension of this service.  Libraries will not loan to us.  Everyone at the Master's University will suffer the consequences.  Please get ILL materials returned on time.


4.  Lost materials minimum replacement fee is $60 per item plus a $10 processing fee. 

a. Items will be considered lost after the first three weeks of being overdue.  Lost charges will apply in addition to the overdue fines.

b. Replacement fees are the minimum charge applied.

c. If actual replacement costs exceed these charges, the difference will be applied as well.

d. In lieu of paying the $60 fee for a lost item, the patron may buy and give to the library the exact item.  Please speak to the circulation manager before purchasing a replacement copy to obtain information on the correct edition: <> or 661.362.2272.

- Accumulated overdue fines and the $10 processing fee will still apply.

- Replacement of lost items must be made before the end of the semester.

e. If a lost item is found and returned to the library undamaged, the $60 lost item fine and $10 processing will be refunded.

- Refunds will not be made if the lost item is returned after the library replaces the item.

Damaged Materials Fee

5. The fee for returning damaged items is $25 per item.


6.  Fines or fees that have been unpaid for over eight weeks will be charged to the student's account.

a. In addition, a $5.00 nonrefundable processing fee will be added.

b. This charge to student's accounts applies to both TMU and TMS students.

c. Please take note of this and pay your fines before any other fees are added.


7. If you have questions about any fine or fee notices you receive, you may always talk to or email the Circulation Manager,; 661.362.2272.


 8. A STOP will be placed on a patron's account, if a patron's fines and fees reach $2.50.

a. A STOP on an account prohibits the patron from checking out any more materials.

b.  The STOP will be lifted when the fine is paid.


Last updated October 2021.

The Circulation Manager reserves the right to recall an item that is needed for the support of the current curriculum.  If such a request is made, please return the item immediately.  Failure to return recalled items within three days will incur a fine of $1.00 per day for a maximum of five days.

Last updated April, 2017

New and Replacement ID Cards

A completed Patron Registration form will need to be submitted to the Circulation Manager before a new ID card can be made.   For faculty, staff and students, the TMU ID card also serves as your Robert L. Powell Library Card. A Library ID card must be presented at the circulation desk whenever materials are checked out. Patrons may not use another person's ID card or Patron Account to check out items. 

All new students, faculty, staff, alumni and residents will be given one card at no charge. However, there is a $10 fee to replace lost cards.  ID cards that are broken or have been worn to the point that the photo, barcode and/or magnetic strip are no longer viable may be replaced without charge. Replacement ID cards may be pre-ordered. Please fill out this ID Request Form and email it to Please allow two business days for fulfillment. 

Please note: when a Replacement card is made, the original card is voided and no longer useful for entrance into the cafeteria, chapel or fitness center.

TMS students, faculty and staff may use their seminary ID cards to check out materials from the Powell Library.  Refer to Reciprocal Arrangements for details on TMU/TMS borrowing privileges.

Visitors desiring to check out circulating materials may apply for a Resident library card.  See the "VISITORS" tab above for details.


Last updated May 2024.

To obtain circulation privileges in the Robert L. Powell Library, download, fill out and sign this registration form. Bring it with you to the Circulation Desk or email it to Miss T. at You will need your People ID number (aka System ID number) which can be found on Self Service: select My Profile then Account Information. All nine-digits are required, but do not use dashes or the "P". Alternatively, the library circulation staff can provide a copy of the form upon request.

A completed Patron Registration form will need to be submitted before an ID card can be made. The Robert L. Powell Library ID card must be presented at the circulation desk whenever materials are checked out. Patrons may not use another person's ID card or Patron Account to check out items.

 Applicants must be 16 years or older to register for a Powell Library Patron Account.

Last updated May 2024.

Create Password to Activate "Sign In"

Watch this short video tutorial Sign in to your Library Patron Account for instructions on how to create your own password to access your Library Patron Account, My Personal Lists and My Saved Searches.

Alternatively, follow these instructions:

1. Go to or from search for "Library".

2. Scroll down to "Search Our Discovery Catalog and select the search icon (magnifying glass).

3. Click "Sign in" (far right)   

4. Select "Set/reset password" 

5. From Request New Password, input your People ID number (aka System ID number) and select "REQUEST NEW PASSWORD" button. Your System ID number can be found on Self Service (select My Profile then Account Information). 

6. This message will appear: 

7. An email with a link to create or change your password will be sent to your TMU email or the email the library has on file for you (see image below).  If you have not provided an email address to the library, you will receive an error message.  Contact the Circulation Desk (661.362.2278) or Miss T. ( to have your email address added to your patron account. 

8. Copy and paste the link into a browser

9. Enter your People ID number and create your New Password 

10. Once you are signed in you may select "My Account"  to access the following services:



Last updated August 2023.