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Sign in Video Tutorial

If you are attempting to access your library patron account, you will need your People ID number (aka System ID number), which can be found on Self Service (select My Profile then Account Information) along with whatever password you create. Use all nine digits, but do not use the dashes or the "P". If you do not receive an email after selecting "Set/Reset Password", your patron account does not yet exist. Please fill out the Patron Registration Form and send it to Miss T. at She will create your account and let you know when you may try again to create your password. 

Watch this short video tutorial Sign in to your Library Patron Account for instructions on how to create your own password so that you can access your Library Patron Account, Saved Items, Saved Lists, Saved Searches and authenticate your access to the Powell Library's InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Service. Alternatively, read the instructions in the boxes below: My Account, Create Password.

PLEASE NOTE: Your library patron account credentials do not give you access to the library’s online resources, e.g., ebooks, articles, databases, etc. To access the library’s online resources, use your TMU credentials, the same ones you use to access Canvas, i.e., your TMU email address and password. Watch the short video tutorial “Introduction to Discovery: Simple Search” <> for more details. Alternatively, see "Access Electronic Resources above for details <>.

Last updated May 2024.     

My Account

SIGN IN -- What it Does 

When you "Sign In" to your library patron account you will be given access to your checkouts, requests and fees as well as several other very useful research features available through the Library's Discovery Platform (see details below).  It also authenticates your access to the Powell Library's InterLibrary Loan services

To access your account, you must Sign in with your People ID number (ignore the "P") and a password that you create. Your  People ID number (aka System ID number) can be found on Self Service (select My Profile then Account Information).  See Create Password (box to the right) for instructions on how to set your password or watch this short video tutorial: Sign in to your Library Patron Account.

SIGN IN -- What it Does NOT Do 

Signing in to your library account does NOT give you access to the library's online resources, i.e., eBooks, eArticles, eJournals, Databases, etc.  To access these requires your TMU credentials; the same TMU email/password that is used to access Self Service and Canvas.  See "Access Electronic Resources" for more information about logging on to get access to the library's electronic resources.

Although it is not necessary to "Sign In" to your Library Patron Account in order to access the library's online resources, it is advantageous to do so for the benefit of the research features available through the Discovery Platform.


1.  My Account:

  • Checkouts: Find out what books you have checked out and when they are due.  
  • Renewals: It is here that you may renew any items you have checked out up to two times. [For policy & procedures on how to renew items go to About and select Borrowing Privileges]
  • Requests: Manage whatever "Hold" requests you may have placed on an item. For more details go to "Placing a Hold" on Library Services.
  • Fees: Discover what, if any, fines or fees you may owe.

2. Saved Items & Saved Lists:

  • ​​​​Set up folders and store selected records for future reference, to email them, or cite them.
  • You can add and remove records on your list by clicking the star next to Save on the search result record.  After you do, the star will turn blue (see image below).
  • Then, select "Saved Items"


  • Select Create List, Email, Cite or Move as desired

3.  Saved Searches:

  • Reproduce search queries repeatedly
  • After Signing in, perform a search
  • From the search results screen, click Save Search
  • To view and run your saved searches, click on Saved Searches in "My Account" drop-down. ​


Last updated October 2021.

Create Password

Set/Reset your Password

The FIRST TIME you Sign In to your library patron account: 

Since this is the first time you are attempting to sign in, you must first create your own password. This will allow you to access your library patron account ever after. See "My Account" (box on the left) for details on what is included and how it can serve to enhance your library research efforts.

  1. Go to the Robert L. Powell Library Web site: and scroll down to "Search Our Discovery Catalog"
  2. Select the search icon .  Alternatively, go to 
  3. Then from the top right corner, select "Sign In" 
  4. Select "Set/reset password" (See Fig. 1 below)
  5. Input your nine-digit ID number (no hyphens) and select “Request New Password”. (See Figure 2.)
  6. You will be sent an email with instructions for setting up your own password. (See Fig. 3 message).
    • Check your TMU email for
    • Check your junk mail
  7.  If you do not receive an email after selecting "Set/Reset Password", your patron account does not yet exist. Please fill out the Patron Registration Form and send it to Miss T. at She will create your account and let you know when you may try again to create your password.
  8. Select the link provided in the email sent to you and create your password. You may choose whatever password you want. (See Fig. 4 Change Password)

After you have created your custom password, you will receive a pop-up requesting your "People ID number" and your password. (See Fig. 1 below)​.

For information on accessing the Powell Library's electronic resources go to Access Electronic Resources

Fig. 1 Set/Reset Password || People ID number

Fig. 2. Request New Password: 

Fig. 3 message

Fig. 4 Change Password

Fig 5. TMU ID Card / Library Card


Last updated May 2024.

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