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BC506 Theology and the Psychologies: Research Strategies

Research strategies for an aspect of prolegomena or theology proper, the philosophers and their philosophies, or the psychologies (ancient and modern).

Required Reading

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Research Strategies

TMU Powell Library Catalog

Search TMU Powell Library Catalog



By searching the phrase "theology proper" in the Powell Library Catalog (on the library Web site <> or with the search box above), you will find numerous "Systematic Theologies".  These will give you a good introduction to theology and a discussion of the person of God.  Like this:  "theology proper".  You'll want to read several to get a thorough understanding of the issues.  Just like the potato chip, "You can't have just one"!  


Search the subject heading "philosophy" to find resources covering general philosophy.  Like this:


To find works written by a particular philosopher, search the name either as an author (au:) or as a subject (su:).  Like this:



To find works on the philosophy of soul care, search <soul care> in the Title field (ti:) as well as the Subject field (su:).  In addition search these phrases "pastoral care", "pastoral counseling", care of souls, cure of souls, as subjects.  Like this:

>ti:soul care

>su:soul care

>su:"pastoral care"

>su:cure of souls

TIP:  Alternatively, use su= to indicate a phrase instead of su: with quotations marks.  Sometimes the former works better than the latter and vice versa.  Sometimes, no phrasing works better as in the case of su:soul care, and su:cure of souls.

TIP:  You will find additional terms to use in your search by searching "soul care" in the Library of Congress Subject Headings online.  Simply type the words soul care in the search box.  You'll get three Subject Headings each with other possibilities.  Select each one and look for the Variants, Broader Terms, Narrower Terms and Related Terms for each one.


To find information on various psychologies, search "psychologies" as a subject (su:).  Like this:


This search will result in over 3M (yes, million) records.  This can easily be reduced and focused by limiting the results using the Search Tools on the left (See Figure 1 below).  In turn, these results can be easily further focused by using the Topic option at the bottom of the Search Tools menu (Fee Figure 2 below).

Click on "Show More" and scroll through to identify the broad area or specific area to focus on.  For instance, if you select Psychology, your results list will be reduced to just over 200K.  You can again go to the Topics area and further narrow your result so an even more focused set of records..  For instance Major Theories & Systems will reduce the results list to just over 13K with all of the records dealing with psychology theories and systems.

You may want to consider experimenting with some of the other Filters available like Author, Year, and/or Language.  If the need is urgent, i.e. you can't wait two weeks for an InterLibrary Loan request to be fulfilled), further limit the search to The Master's University under Library.

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For additional assistance with finding sources, copyright law and/or proper citations, please contact Miss T. at <> or stop by the Reference Desk and ask her in person!

Last updated May, 2018

Finding Articles

To find articles related to a specific counseling, theological, philosophical or psychological issue search either the Powell Library Discovery Catalog or search these Periodical indexes directly: ATLAReligion (ATLA), Christian Periodical Index (CPI). 

  • For secular articles relating to counseling, theology, psychology, or philosopy it's best to use the library catalog. 
  • For a religious view it's best to search ATLA and/or CPI directly.

When searching the Discovery Catalog:

Search your topic as a keyword(s).  Don't search your terms as Subjects (su:) as many catalog records do not associate subject headings with articles.

When you get your results list, select "Peer reviewed" from the Content limiting option on the left.  

Alternatively, select "Articles" from the Format options. 

Search ATLA or CPI.

First, go to "Find Databases":  There are three ways to get to "Find Databases"  See access options 1. 2. 3. below.

Second, select the link to the needed database (See access option a. b. c. below).  

When off campus, you will be prompted for your Master's username/password.  This is the same one you use for access to Self Service.

Three ways to Find Databases

  1. Select "Find Databases" on the Library Web site  

  2. From the results page after a search, select "Library Links" then "Find Databases" (top right)  

  3. Select "Advanced Search" on the Powell Library Web site, then select "Library Links" and then "Find Databases" (top right) 

From the A to Z List there are three ways to find the link to the needed Database:

a.  Select the appropriate letter, i.e. "C" for Christian Periodical Index",

b.  Type the name of the database in the Search box (top right),

c. Use the "Subject" drop down box to select the appropriate field, i.e. Counseling.  

For additional assistance contact Miss T. <> or visit her in person!


Last updated May, 2018.