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B431 Hermeneutics: Search Terms & Databases

Search strategies and resources for the study of hermeneutics.

Search Techniques for the TMU Discovery catalog

Search subject headings using the metadata code "su:" like this:

su:bible hermeneutics

su:bible interpretation

su:biblical hermeneutics

Search Dewey Decimal numbers using the metadata code "nu:" like this:


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Biblical Hermeneutics / Hermeneutics Subject Headings


Here are entered works on the principles of Biblical criticism. Critical works on the Bible are entered under [Bible--Criticism, interpretation, etc.]


  • Bible--Criticism, interpretation, etc.--Theory, methods, etc.
  • Bible--Exegesis
  • Bible--Interpretation
  • Hermeneutics, Biblical

Narrower Terms




  • Interpretation, Methodology of

Broader Terms

Narrower Terms

Classification Numbers

Dewey Decimal Classification (TMU)

  • 220.601

Search the TMU catalog using the metadata code "nu:" like this:



Library of Congress Classification (TMS)

  • BS476

Search the TMS catalog using the Advanced Search.  Change the search filter "Any field" to "Holding Call Number". Enter BS476 as the search term.

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)

LC Subject Headings makes research much more efficient and effective..

LCSH is a standardized, controlled vocabulary used in most library catalogs.  These terms are used in the Subject index field in all of the resource records.  The use of these normalized subjects makes it possible for the researcher (you) to find resources on the same topic even though authors, scholars and even you might use any number of other words for the same idea.

LCSH will identify variant terms, related terms, narrower terms and/or broader terms, which can be used to either further your search or refine your search queries.

Search the Library of Congress Subject Headings to obtain more accurate as well as additional terminology to assist in finding more resources.

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