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BMS385 World Religions: Basic Search Techniques

A research aid to the major non-Christian religious systems in the world.

Search Queries for World Religions

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to find appropriate terminology, variants terms and narrower terms to use for a more focused search query:

1.  For resources about the major world religions use these search queries:


su:comparative religion

su:religious denominations

su:world religions

2.  For resources about a specific religion, use the name of the religion as a subject. Like this:

su:buddhism     |     su:jainism   |     su:sikhiism     |     su:zoroastrianism

3. Use encyclopedias for an overview of a religion.  Encyclopedias will provide a basic outline and the broad parameters of the religion. They will also help you focus a research topic and enhance your understanding when reading more detailed information.  The bibliographies and authors are excellent sources for further research.  When searching for encyclopedias and dictionaries, limit the results to books, this will eliminate book reviews.

Use this search query:

su:(encyclopedias OR dictionaries) AND su:(religions) AND (x0:book)

If you only want eBooks, use this search query:

su:(encyclopedias OR dictionaries) AND su:(religions) AND (x0:book + x4:digital)


Last updated September, 2020.

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Last updated February 2023.

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